Past, Present & Future

Since 1986, Rayonics has been working to master the challenges of an evolving market.

ScanVision is a complete software platform that gives you all the additional features you might want.

We are ready to adapt to meet any new challenges that await us.


Over 30 years of experience serving our customers

Hundreds of working installations worldwide provide the stimulus for new products and service development. The team designs and manufactures new products and uses its expertise to produce innovative X-ray applications for our customers.

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What we do for you

Continuous Tuning

Our customer care programs include

• remote monitoring of our sorters

• programming of preventative maintenance routines

• tracking of machine performance

• continuous fine-tuning to ensure the efficiency of our equipment.

Cutting Edge Products

Our cutting-edge products are the result of a commitment to ongoing improvement and R&D&I ( Research+Development+Innovation ) to achieve production technology that provides our users with enhanced productivity and performance.

This facilitates the agility and flexibility to respond to our customers' requirements

New communication tools are designed to make it easier to work with us.

Innovative Framework

• High-performance server for real-time image processing

• PLC for managing all industrial automation streams

• Software subsystems evolved to manage general purpose virtual machines

• Client for machine edge control and remote access


  • Server

    Software Server that handles with image processing and communicates to the other subsystems the result of the processing. The server also controls the hardware related to X-ray emission

  • Client

    The client module controls the machine. It allows the selection of options and starts/stops the inspection. It also changes the operating parameters of the X-Ray machine

  • Automation

    The heart of the process is the machine subsystem which communicates with the PLC, via the CANOPEN protocol. Through this subsystem, ScanVision synchronizes the world of image processing with industrial automation.

  • Virtual Machine

    ScanVision processes images using virtual machine software layers. There is a virtual machine for processing images of each individual camera; in the future, there may be virtual machines with tasks other than image processing.

  • Cloud

    Data inspection everywhere

    Availability of historical data - Reporting of anomalies - Remote configuration

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Continuous improvement


Support for quality audits

Balancing quality with production
is one of the most interesting challenges
in the manufacturing sector.


Are you ready for the new challenges?

In the next five years, using new technology will be the only option available. We will work with our partners and customers to facilitate the use of novel tools that become available through research.

“In one study sponsored by Microsoft, we are seeing a “data divide” occurring. There is a large and potentially widening gap between leaders and laggards across nearly every metric. Companies not embracing their own digital transformation could find themselves woefully behind the competition, and in some industries older business models could be phased out entirely.”

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