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Hundreds of working installations worldwide are the stimulus for new products and service development.

The team  designs and manufactures new products and uses its expertise to produce innovative X-ray applications for customers

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Cutting-Edge Products
Innovative Framework
Continuous tuning
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With its extensive experience in X-ray quality inspection of food products, the team are using this knowledge to start up RAYONICS INTERNATIONAL

Our engineers    Scanvision

  • The innovative ScanVision software architecture is now ready to be more than just software devoted to online X-ray control of all types of inspection machines.

    Sales Departement
  • A framework with an open design client/server organization is able to handle different processes and hardware subsystems. This promotes modularity, reliability and easy maintenance, as well as enabling customization for product enhancement.

    Framework Designer
  • Thanks to the client/server architecture the users can operate machines remotely. This facilitates easy maintenance, since multiple inspection machines can be monitored by one remote user.

    Helpdesk Department