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The RAYON X3 X-ray inspection system is the latest development of the “ScanVision” technology. It uses a unique 3 beam X-ray technique that allows contaminant detection in the most difficult container sizes and shapes, as well as in presence of product density variations.




  • Standard Layout
  • Specifications
    Description Value
    X-ray generator

    1000W / 100 kV Metal Ceramic X-Ray

    Inspection mode

    3 axes adjustable robot guidance

    Length, Width, Height

    L 3750 x W 2010 x H 1750 (incl. standard tunnels)


    Kg 1100 (incl. standard tunnels)

    Power supply

    220V, AC, 50/60Hz - power consumption 6 kW

    Max- inspection speed


    Max. product dimensions

    Ø 120 mm, H 215 mm detector 256x0.4
    Ø 170 mm, H 270 mm option detector 400x0.4

    Inspection conveyor width

    Table Top: 110 - 170

    Reject table
    Equipped with sensor to check the correct ejection

    Gravity rejection mode
    Motorized conveyor option: 170mm. x 1500mm

    Pneumatic reject system

    (1200 bpm.),double rejection - deviator and ejector

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