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The RAYON GLASS-7001 system, equipped with “ScanVision” technology, today even more evolved, is able to automatically adapt to the size of the jar without operator assistance.

In the range of the systems produced by Rayonics International, this model of X-Ray inspection equipment allows to achieve the best performances, at limited costs, in the quality control of food products packed in glass jars.

The most reliable x-ray system with “adjustable point of view” on 3 axes




  • Standard Layout
  • Specifications
    Description Value
    X-ray generator

    1000W / 100 kV Metal Ceramic X-Ray

    Inspection mode

    3 axes adjustable robot guidance

    Length, Width, Height

    L 3750 x W 2010 x H 1750 (incl. standard tunnels)


    Kg 1100 (incl. standard tunnels)

    Power supply

    220V, AC, 50/60Hz - power consumption 6 kW

    Max- inspection speed


    Max. product dimensions

    Ø 120 mm, H 215 mm detector 256x0.4
    Ø 170 mm, H 270 mm option detector 400x0.4

    Inspection conveyor width

    Table Top: 110 - 170

    Reject table
    Equipped with sensor to check the correct ejection

    Gravity rejection mode
    Motorized conveyor option: 170mm. x 1500mm

    Pneumatic reject system

    (1200 bpm.),double rejection - deviator and ejector

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