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About Company

We specialize in designing and manufacturing X-ray machines
for quality inspection of food products.

More than 200 equipments working worldwide are the background and the stimulus for new products and service development. The team designs and manufactures new equipments and puts its expertise to customers service for new X ray applications.

  • We know our customers' packaged food products
  • We offer you an incredible product at an incredible price!
  • Reduce production downtime, improving profits!

We Are Different, YES


The team, with provenly deep experience in food products x-ray quality inspection, implement its know how and starts up RAYONICS INTERNATIONAL

Our engineers love Scanvision

The ScanVision software architecture An innovative architecture now ready to be more than just a software devoted to online Xray control of any kind of inspection machines

Helpdesk Department

Thanks to the client/server architecture, the user can operate on the machine in a remote way, thus promoting the ease of maintenance, since multiple inspection machines can be monitored by one remote user.

Framework Designer

Open design organized as a framework in a client/server way, is able of different processes as to handle different hardware subsystems, thus promoting modularity, reliability and an easy maintenance as well as customization for enhancement/extensions.

What we do for you

we have always worked in partnership with our clients to achieve market challenges

Cutting Edge Products

Our our cutting-edge products are the result of a firm commitment to ongoing improvement and to R&D&I (Research+Development+Innovation) in order to achieve product and production technology that provides our users with greater productivity and performance, and which facilitates, in turn, the agility and flexibility of our response to our customers' demands. New communication tools are designed to make it easier to work with us

Continuous tuning

Our customer care programs include the remote monitoring of our sorters, the programming of preventive maintenance routines,the tracking of the equipment's performance, and the continuous fine-tuning of the efficiency of our equipments

Innovative Framework

The New Framework with: • High-performance Server for realtime imagine processing • PLC for managing all industrial automation streams • Software Subsystem evolved to manage Virtual Machine general purpose • Client for Machine edge control and for remote access


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